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Budeme vás rozmazlovat

Are you tired after a day on slope or a difficult hike? Or, you just want to be pampered? Everyone can choose suitable relaxation package.  Visit our private sauna and whirlpool for 5 persons, let yourself be pampered by our trained masseurs or take lesson with yoga master. For totally passive relaxation, you can meet your friends in the social room, enjoy beautiful views, play table football, darts, some of our social games or connect to our WIFI Internet.

  • Sauna and whirlpool
  • Relaxation room with beautiful view
  • Massage and relaxation
  • Zumba
  • Yoga with instructor


Sauna and whirlpool

Vířivá vana pro 4 osoby

Are you tired after a day on slope or a difficult hike? Or, you just want to be pampered? Take a seat in the private sauna with whirlpool for 5 persons and let your tired body sense by the entire surface the massage water currents and water bubbles. Body and mind refresh will prepare you for the activity the other day and you will remind the nice of it long after return to the work. Sauna and whirlpool - more info.



Relaxation room

Výhled z chaty

Do you want to sit and talk to your friends or just inhale in silence the magic of Krkonoše?  Take advantage of social room in Orlík lodge. View on mountain woods and the cozy interior allow you joint communication and free entertainment. Table football, darts, social games and WIFI Internet will be available to you. Enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues. How - it is only up to you. Relaxation room - more info.



Masage and relaxation

Masáže Krkonoše

You are lying on stomach on a pad in pleasantly heated room, ten specially trained fingers of two capable hands take care of relaxation and regeneration of your muscles. Your skin starts promote deep blood circulation and you feel absolutely relaxed. There are moments that should last forever. After our massage you will feel newborn. Do you ask what should you do about it? The masseurs commute to the lodge, therefore it is necessary to order the massage fairly ahead. You can choose from all types of massage - from professional for sportsmen to common Thai. You deserve to be pampered here. Masage and relaxation - more info.



Jóga chata Orlík

Do you feel completely stiff? Take advantage of techniques of far India, after reservation available also in our mountain chalet in Krkonoše. Yoga master Joseff Michálek used to live for 25 years in India and studied there the secrets of yogi techniques. Because many want to take the lessons, it is necessary to make order at least 7 days ahead. You can stretch and strengthen your body, relax and meditate pleasantly. Animal stances brought to the human body allow you to get to know your body and the unknown. Yoga - more info.

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